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Jurassic Tools here:-- https://www.jurass... Selling small Engineering tools to Modelmakers and Engineers alike. Drills, taps, spindle tooling, Carbide inserts, Collets, milling and turning tools, carbide and HSS cutters and lots more, take a look. Several thousand items available. Hope you find something of interest. ...
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More Features

Well we have more features,

  1. Use correct sentience formatting rules, a space after the colon: semi-colon; comma, full stop. and exclamation! characters. URL address will use words with dots between the words without spaces and if the system sees these it will treat them as URL links. So please use the preview, it allows you access to the edit button, to change the mistakes otherwise the adverts will just be removed.
  2. NEW! logo after 10 years the tread board needed repainting, if any remember the old Green text logo might remember how the tread patten ended up becoming the background. The photos have also been upgraded to add logo's and date/time stamps to the images on upload so that the photos are noticeable for people linking to them.
  3. Enjoy your use of the site, stay safe, keep to social distance if you are visiting colleagues to pick up a new toy.
  4. A new guide on the form submission page has been added to help people avoid mistakes they get their advert removed, we are sorry that some adverts are lost due to this but if people do not read, we cannot guide them.


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Submission form guide

A guide on using the submission form.

  • What you see in the text box for the advert description is not what the system will just display. Our system has some automated formatting features that it will carry out after the form has been submitted. When you have completed filling in the form and click on the preview button, please preview the advert otherwise the moderators will see the advert for their approval and just hit the dump button if it is not relevant or correctly formatted for our site.
  • Selecting the correct type of classification of the items you are advertising will help moderators determine if it is relevant.
  • When selling include the best options for how you would like to distribute the item, depending on the option selected you should ensure that you fill in the relative fields for the prices. The anti-spam system will delete adverts in which these fields are filled in but the options are not selected or if they are selected the price is left blank.
  • All price fields have the option of showing 0 as free or -1 as multiple, if using multiple ensure to include the prices in the main description text field.
  • Standard HTML codes will be removed from the text but there are some additional hypertext that the system will convert them for you.
    • Use ** at the beginning and end of the text you would like to be in bold.
    • Use -- at the beginning of and of the text you want to be in italics.
    • Use __ at the beginning and end of the text you want to be underlined.
    You can use combinations to give an effect to the text you put into your advert. The hypertext will work across multiple lines but will terminate at the end of the text. Abuse of this system will result in your advert being removed.
  • Web URL links will automatically be converted into highlighted text but will not be immediately clickable and must be copied to a person's browser. The automated system will look for words that are only separated by a full stop, missing spaces can result in words being converted into a link by accident so always ensure you have added a space between sentence words and at the start of the sentence.
  • When including photos in your advert the system will attempt to resize the four images you can upload, if the system then only shows white blank page it was unable to handle that image(s). If you need to resubmit the advert please first manually resize or convert the images in a application. The site is only able to handle basic JPEG, GIF or PNG but is unable to handle animations, subchannel or progressive file types.
  • You can use horizontal lines to break up the multiple items within the advert but will not allow you to use the HTML code to do so. To insert a horizontal line just put on a new line only five . - + or _characters.
  • Do not use blank lines to break up the text as the system will automatically add a paragraph break between them for you.
  • The system will not allow you to put email addresses into the text description so please do not try to circumvent the system whilst trying to give it an informative advert about scammers. You automatically give the site permission to use your email address which converts to an image to make it harder for bots to read them but we cannot distribute other people's email addresses of which permission has not been given. They are some forums out there on the web in the model engineering area that will allow you to do this so please use them.
  • Above all please be courteous to the other users of the site.


    1. All adverts are checked by the administrators before being displayed.
    2. Only tools, materials, models, books and magazines related to workshop activities will be carried.
    3. All adverts will run for 42 days, you can renew it after 30 days so you can repost your advert again without having to retype it all. Please do not submit a new advert again just because it has gone to page 2, we will just delete it.
    4. Please group all your small sales together into one post, people submitting lots of small tool adverts may get blocked from the submit system, include them in one advert with new lines (return, enter) between items or use the [list] system.
    5. Large items such as machines must be listed separately even if you have 3 or more to sell, only exception is if you have many of the same machine.
    6. Please try and use the [list] feature to list multiple items. Put [list] on the first line and [/list] at the end of the last item, each new line will become an item.
    7. All HTML code will be removed by the system. This means that all links in adverts will not be clickable.
    8. Traders please tick the Trader box, this will add the words trader to your advert and protect you.
    9. We will not show adverts to auctions on sites like EBay. Only exception you can place adverts for buy it now only listings.
    10. Please use the preview system to check that you submission is displaying correctly. Use the edit button to change any errors before leaving the advert for approval.
    11. To remove your advert please use the Remove / Edit menu at the left of the page. You will need the advert number, this is below the title on the advert.
    12. Made a mistake or want to change your advert please use the Remove / Edit menu at the left of the page. You will need the advert number, this is below the title on the advert.
    13. If you do not want your email showing then you must tick the check box and include a phone number or a web URL otherwise it will show the email.
    14. All emails are images to hinder the harvesters and not the users, so please don't try copying the image or clicking on it. Do not use other fields to bypass the email filter it will just be deleted.
    15. Please include as much information as possible in the description. Making people contact you for more information will get your advert removed.
    16. Please include a price(s) for your item(s). Include the price for Courier/Delivery or Royal Mail if you have selected them, put 0 only if you are offering it for Free, leave it blank if not selected. Making people contact you or make offers for them will get your advert removed. ONO is allowed but biding offers have regulations that you must follow so we don't allow them.
    17. Only numbers can be entered in the price, you can put in 0 the advert will show Free or can be -1 to show MULTIPLE when you put the prices in the description with each combined items.
    18. Please put prices in listing in £, if your keyboard doesn't have the £ symbol then copy this one.
    19. You may add four pictures to the advert. All pictures will be resized to a maximum of 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high, the file must be less than 10MB in size and in simple format GIF, JPG, JPEG or PNG format.
    20. Please do not state email for photos without uploading any, as we will just delete the advert. If you have more than 4 photos then you can advertise that you have more and upload the best 4.
    21. Please don't try to use tabs or spaces to make it look nice in the text box as tabs are blocked and spaces are replaced by a single space. Don't just copy from a web page or editor (MS Word), it may not show as it did on the page you copied it from.
    22. PLEASE DON'T POST IN ALL CAPS LIKE THIS. all lowercase titles, names and/or details. Badly formatted blocks of words that are not basic sentences. Will be removed by the Anti-Spam system automaticity but will be hidden till they are purged, you can preview the layout so can correct it and the moderators will then be able to approve it..
    23. You can use capital letters on words that use them, i.e. Myford ML7.
    24. Do not put Wanted or For Sale in the title box. A quick title of what you are selling is all that's needed I.E. 'Lathe, Miller and Shaper' the words For Sale or Wanted will be added by the system for you.
    25. Don't use other email address to mass post, the system tracks you and disabling tracking will disable the submit button.
    = required
    = optional
    Please check the type of item(s) you are listing, these are searchable. It you kick the item over it is small tooling if on the otherhand you break your foot it is large. CNC is for parts and machines as we only get the odd few. Please help the users find what they are looking for and google does read the adverts too.
    Item Condition
    The condition of the items(s). Old stock means it is like new but may have storage spoil. Parts and Repair is for item that are not working but just for repairing. Renovate is for an item that is not finished but can be. Inculde each in the text if listing multiple items.
    Advert Title
    Please do not put '' this is already added for you but instead put a short descriptive title.
    PLEASE DON'T POST IN ALL CAPS LIKE THIS IT WILL JUST BE DELETED but you can use title case ie. Myford ML7 Lathe Cross Slide
    Advert Number
    Enter the advert number for the advert you are thanking people for.
    Ad Description
    Enter a discription for your item. All html tags will be removed by the system, you can put web sites in but only the URL and not the link <a href=somesite> part.
    Images will also be removed by the system, please use the image upload box below to upload an image.
    You do not need to put your contact details in here, in fact please don't put your email address in this text it will be rejected.
    You can use newlines (return/enter) and the system will put the text on the next line but tabs will be converted to a space by most browsers. Don't just copy from a web page, it will not show as it did on the page you copied it from.
    [list] and [/list] fot list items, put on the first and last lines and a (enter/return) for each item.
    xxxxx for a new block marked with a ruled line.
    Just digits 0-9 and full stop commas are added for you, Enter 0 to show Free and -1 for multiple.
    Enter the courier or delivery cost if you are couriering or delivering the item. Leave blank if not used and 0 to show 'free'
    Enter the postage cost if you are willing to post the item. Leave blank if not used and 0 to show 'free'
    Post / Collection
    Tick the method you are willing to use. Put prices in the relevant fields above.
     Collection Courier/Delivery Royal Mail
    Your Name
    Please tick if you are a trader. Check here if you are not sure
    Advertising for
    Please only use this if you are advertising for someone else. Put a Name for the person, group or company that owns the item(s). Still use your name and email address for contact but all other details use the persons details that you are advertising for.
    Postal Town
    Please just put the closest postal town, not just county, to where the item is.
    Post Code
    Just the first bit of your post code IE. NG5
    Country (UK, USA)
    Please use a valid email address.
    Hide Email
    To hide your email address, you must give a phone number or URL else your email will show.
    Phone / URL
    You must give a phone number or web URL if you wish to hide your email address.
    Read & Understood
    Confirm that you have read the rules and giving me permission to make your contact details publicly visable.


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