Information on trade adverts Print

Details about the trade adverts that we are running on this site are in this document.

  1. What can I advertise?
    We are only accepting relevant adverts from traders, this means that if it has got a use to the people that view this site we will show it .
  2. What do I need to advertise?
    We only need a real contact name, business name (if you have one), valid postal address and valid email address that we can contact you on. We will not accept 0840 / 0850 numbers where the viewer has to pay to contact you.
  3. How do I put my advert on the site?
    We will send you a account name and password, this will allow you to login and edit the advert space the we have assigned to you.
  4. How much does it cost?
    The current price is £5 per month by paypal subscription or we will take a cheque of £60 for a 1 year subscription.
  5. I am interested in the contact form how do I get one?
    Please let us know at the time of submitting your request for a trade advert and we will set one up for you. 
  6. How often will my advert show?
    The site will pick 3 random adverts from the list and show them in the trade box. This box is repeated every 5 adverts down the page and each box will pick it's own 3 adverts. Might be the same advert shown in all the boxes but never the same advert in the same box. Every time the page is refreshed each box will pick 3 new adverts. Your advert might not be shown every time the page loads but we have done this to stop the list becoming too long and people just scrolling past it.
  7. I would like a banner ad too is that included in the price?
    No banner ads are not included in the price. Banner ads are for business with web sites that can offer more than the simple trade advert can show.
  8. How much are banner adverts and what size do they need to be?
    The banners are £5 per month but have no limits on them, that means it will always show during the month whether it gets 1,000 clicks or 100,000. Sizes are 500x75 JPEG or PNG, flashing adverts will not be shown.
  9. How often will my banner show?
    The banners change every 9 seconds and a new one is picked. It will not pick a banner if it was one of the last 2 shown unless they is only 2 banners in the list.
  10. What if I change the contents of my advert to something that is not relevant?
    Your advert will be unpublished and you will be emailed to change the contents, we will not publish your changed advert until it has been checked and approved. Offensive adverts will result in your account being removed and any remaining time you have paid for will be lost.

If you have any other questions then please get in touch with us by using the contact us menu and selecting management. If you would like to apply for a trade advert then please fill in the form below giving as much detail as to what you are looking to advertise.