Submiting a new advert Print

Information on how to submit a new advert to the site.

  1. How do I submit a new advert to the site?
    Use the Submit Advert link on the adverts menu on the left.
  2. What type of advert can I submit?
    You can submit any advert as long as it is for items or information related to the home workshop.
  3. I have submitted my advert but it is not showing?
    We vet all the adverts before they are show to the public, this is so that only relevant adverts are shown on the site.
  4. How long will it take to vet my advert?
    We try to have all the adverts done at about 21:00 UK time sometimes we may miss a day as we are busy doing other things but will always ensure that they are on the site within 24-48 hours.
  5. I don't want to give my name, email or phone number do I have too?
    Yes. People will need to be able to get in touch with you so a name and email and/or phone number are needed. You can hide your email address but you must provide a valid phone number.
  6. Do I need to put my post code in?
    No this is optional if you do include it please only put the first part of the post code i.e. DE72
  7. Why do I need to put the city in?
    So that people know how far away the item is, you don't need a county for a major city like Derby but if you put a town in please include a county or city like 'Long Eaton, Nottingham' some towns have the same name but are at different ends of the country.
  8. What is the Post / Collection field for?
    This is a list of items that best show if you are only wanting people to collect or if you will only post the item.
  9. What text can I put in the description field?
    You can put any text in the field but all html formatting code will be removed. Tabs will be converted to a space so please don't use them to try and space things out. The field will only take 500 characters.
  10. What sort of picture can I include?
    Any JPEG, GIF or PNG and will be resized for you if over 1920x1080.
  11. I keep getting a blank page when submitting a picture?
    You need to save it using standard format for the system to able to use it.
  12. How do I edit my advert?
    You can request an email with a link that will let you edit the advert. the advert will need to be approved again once changed, this is to stop people putting a advert on and then changing it to something that is offensive or irrelevant.
  13. Can I remove my advert?
    Please use the remove advert menu on the left side. you will need the ID that is shown just below the advert title and the email address that you put the advert on with.
  14. I want to advertise multiple items can I do that?
    Yes, for smaller items please list them in the same advert, you can add a new line with - characters to show a line, but larger items please list separate.
  15. Can I only put numbers in the price field?
    Yes due to the search system the site will not allow any text. You can put 0 and the system will show free or -1 and it will show Multiple in the advert instead.